WBD Lender Services Premier Membership

Put us on speed dial as a WBD Lender Services Premier Member!

The WBD Lender Services Premier Membership has been developed for those institutions that would benefit from integrating an outsourced relationship for ongoing SBA support and guidance into their internal processes.

For an annual fee, Premier Members gain access to on-call assistance from WBD Lender Services representatives to aid their own internal resources in navigating the SBA policies and procedures. From simple questions to advice on structuring complex projects, Premier Members have a partner they can rely on for up-to-date assistance, including:

  • Access to exclusive Premier Member phone and email hotlines – priority on-call support – Answer questions from simple SBA program eligibility, credit considerations and loan structure. Also bringing clarity to issues encountered in the process.
  • Access to SBA updates, Information Notices, and other reference materials housed on a secure website for easy reference and forms. We keep it current so you don’t have to guess.
  • Discounts on Training – All WBD training courses will feature discounted Premier Member rates.
  • Priority 7(a) packaging (standard fee-based with LSP Agreement).

For more information contact Jeff Sheffler at jsheffler@WBD.org, or call 920-966-1486.