POLL: Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert


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You work hard. You pay your taxes. You try to be a good person.

Put others before you? Yes. Open to favors? All the time.

Sure, you perform acts of kindness because you are an awesome, self-less person.

One-Bowl-Chocolate-CakeBut at the Thanksgiving dessert table, it’s all about you.

After family, friends, football, and food, what do you reach for on the dessert table?

Do you find perfection in pumpkin pie? Does the apple pie always catch your eye? Do you go on and on about pecan? Does anything with chocolate automatically take the cake? Is your vice a light cheesecake heist?

Vote now for the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert champion—lest a lesser confection claim perfection.

(and remember: calories don’t count until Monday).